Why Isn't My Shipping Free?

Why Isn't My Shipping Free?

Ever sent a package to your friend across the country?

Whew. Shipping is a pricey endeavour. (!)

At PiCADOOdesign we want to be upfront and honest about what you're paying for - so we've made the decision to not hide shipping costs in the price of our products.

By doing this, you get a fair view of what each item actually costs and how much we (and you) need to pay for shipping. 

Currently, shipping costs are based on the weight of your shipment and will be calculated at Checkout.

To see PiCADOOdesign shipping charts, click here.

We want to keep prices as low as possible for you and are constantly tweaking our shipping settings to get it just right. Let us know what you think at hello@picadoodesign.com



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