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When I was a kid, to become, or dream of becoming, an artist, was beyond anyone’s consideration. There were no ‘real artists’ in the small town where I lived and art was for children and children alone, with their sloppily painted sunsets, stick figures and eight-colour, crayon creations. Art was not an option.

So how did I end up here- drawing, painting, designing for a living?

janet bright design illustrator picadoodesignThe cheesy truth is that I can’t not be an artist. I can’t resist the urge to draw, doodle, build, & create. I can’t deny the feeling of home when I hold a paintbrush or see a palette of colour. This is who I am. And this is what I love.

I'm a visual artist inspired by the unselfconscious, rudimentary imagery of primitive art, wild colours of fauvism, and the simplified design of modern art. I created PiCADOOdesign so I could work with art every day and share it with the world. 


" Art is a vehicle for communication. It’s about posing a question and opening a conversation, saying, ‘What do you think, what do you see, what is there in this piece of work that you might recognize from your own life? What common truth or experience might we (complete strangers) share?’ " - PiCADOOdesign Founder & Artist, Janet Bright


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