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We got a comment from a reader yesterday, about last week's post, The Shirt / A Story and want to share what we learned from the exchange.

thoughts ideas commentsThe reader was disappointed that, after reading the story of the pink dotted shirt, when she clicked the link with the story, she was taken to our PiCADOOdesign store, where she experienced a disconnect between the text in the story ( a promoted ad ) and the product on our website. 

We're grateful the reader took the time to share her thoughts, because it gave us pause, and offered an opportunity to consider how a reader might experience the art and content at PiCADOOdesign, and what our goals and intent truly are.

Below is our response to the disappointed reader,

" Hi. Thanks for weighing in.

Please know, we are not trying to convince you to to buy something you don’t want or value.

The story of the shirt, was written in earnest; a moment in the journey of one woman seeking to find her identity and confidence, in an environment she did not feel would support her creative and, yes, secret dreams.

Every person is different, and the path to finding our own identities isn’t necessarily straight or clear. We wish for all women (and men), that they find the confidence to be, and express, exactly who they are, whether by explicit, or through more subdued, action.

The creative freedom we have developed at PiCADOOdesign allows us the opportunity to marry story telling, art and business, and it is our goal to connect with- and encourage- creativity, confidence and self reflection for all.

Wishing you a great day~ "


Please let us know what you think~

xo - janet

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