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picadoodesign art from pen to paper to you

Ever wonder how an artist takes inspiration and turns it into something completely new?

Check out how Picadoodesign artist, Janet Bright, gets her ideas from pen, to paper, to you ( in eight simple steps ) ~

Here's the Process:

  • Inspiration! 
  • Ideas recorded, as drawings or words, into notebooks
  • Ideas researched through study of related imagery, photos & articles.
  • Drawings/ illustrations hand-drawn with sharpie or thin black-liner pen on card or paper.
  • Drawings scanned to computer for digital editing & colourizing
  • Edited drawings are uploaded to Picadoodesign Print Partner Servers for product development.
  • New products are posted at Picadoodesign
  • You love what you see in our store! and every item on your wish list is custom printed when you order. 

Take a look through our store to see all the products we've created using this process and share your ideas.


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