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Years ago, my husband and I frequented an amazing pizza place where the waiting staff never passed-up the opportunity for a friendly visit.

After visiting for the millionth time, our favourite server told us, in confidence, (of course) that she hated the colour red

"...Anyone comes in here wearing red, they'll have to sit in another section. I will never serve a customer in red.".

And as my mind raced to determine how many items of red clothing I might have worn to the restaurant, I was struck by the absurd and bold declaration this woman had made.

Red is just a colour, after all, so why the vehemence? What caused her to feel this way or could it have been, simply, a personal preference?

I think of the few colours I have a strong aversion to (dark green and school bus yellow), and wonder if I was conditioned to dislike them or if my eyes are just receiving the light of those colours in an altered or skewed kind of way. 

What's your experience?

Love colour. Hate colour. Why?


Thanks for dropping in!

~ Janet


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