A Gift for Every Bridesmaid

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A Gift for Every Bridesmaid

When I got married, I gave fancy undies to all my bridesmaids.

I'd known them all my life so it wasn't a big stretch to know (or guess) their sizes, and I remember how fun it was to give them something that wasn't the typical bridesmaid gift for that year. 

Nowadays, there are so many websites promising the "most unique" gifts, it's hard to make a decision about exactly what would be right for the varied personalities, likes and dislikes of your bridesmaids. 

Should everything match? 

Should you go glitzy?



Serious. Silly? 

Wouldn't it be great to get every bridesmaid something different and special; something chosen specifically for each one of them, to suit each unique personality?

A blanket printed with flowers.

A coffee inspired t-shirt.

A watermelon tote bag.

A pebble-covered phone case.

At PiCADOOdesign, we have all those things and are proud to offer original gifts with hand designed illustrations to suit the personalities of every one of  your bridesmaids.

One order, multiple styles. Come see what we've got for you-

* FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50  ( Yayyyy! )


PiCADOOdesign.com / Stuff You Won't Find Anywhere Else.


PS. Have a great time at your wedding!

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